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Balancing Life

Pete is a change agent in the world of work-life balance, with a particular passion for education.

Part of the journey of encouraging people to set down their vices and live for the truly transcendent elements of their lives has been to ‘walk the walk’ himself, hence going an entire year without watching any sport.

Countries like Australia and the USA consistently demonstrate through surveys that we are not happy with our work lives. As rich nations, we ‘have more’ than ever before, yet not surprisingly, this isn’t enough. It’s the family time and time for ourselves and recreational activities that give us energy and joy.

Like so many other industries, too many passionate and talented educators are becoming increasingly burnt out and disenfranchised from a job they love.

In our country, with our baby boomers retiring, we are an ageing workforce. When Gen Y comprise 40% of our national workforce by the end of the decade, there will be 500,000 jobs in our country without anyone to do them. Skills shortage, anyone?!

How will we then attract quality employees to education?

Pete speaks to empower schools, businesses and churches to create sustainable priorities and passionate employees. From one hour presentations, half- or full-day workshops to comprehensive multi-week work life balance programs, he enables organisations to leverage helpful strategies which maximise change and empower high-functioning, balanced and creative team members to thrive … without having to go a year without sport!

Check out the web site or email pete at


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