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Great Scott!

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Adam Scott Masters win

So, I’m at my Christian Teachers work conference yesterday morning. There’s worship going on, there’s great musos, there’s a genuine buzz in the auditorium … and I’m following the end of the golf – the Masters at Augusta – on my iPhone!

Yep, there are just some things which transcend the normal day to day of work and life, and an Aussie doing something significant on the world stage is about as big as it gets.

There are a number of great Australian sporting moments that the average fan will be able to reel of.

What are yours?

The mighty Windies

For mine, there’s highs and lows. I remember as a kid being devastated by countless losses in cricket against the mighty West Indies. Read the rest of this entry


The best, worst, and best & worst things about missing the Australian Open!

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It pains me to move on from any Super Bowl references, especially in the light of 2 facts – 1) The enormous response to Tuesday’s piece on my Pats making the Super Bowl, and 2) I have a link to share featuring the all-time great Super Bowl ads!

I’ll save the link for a week or so and move on, but not before acknowledging Michael Clarke’s 210 and Ricky Ponting’s 221. Just a superb effort and series from those 2 stars, although this is reinforcing Craig’s position in his piece about the haggard state of India’s bowling attack!

Clarke and Ponting after yesterday's double centuries. Kudos, boys...

Regardless, Happy Australia Day!

To the tennis!

It only occurred to me recently that I hadn’t blogged once about the tennis at this year’s Australian Open. I’m sure this isn’t life shattering news to either the reader or myself, but the tennis is actually a hugely enjoyable part of the Australian summer.

Rod Laver Arena, home of the Australian Open

It’s to the point where I’m actually not sure what captures the public’s imagination more – this event or the cricket. (Although to be honest, they’re both probably superseded by the Boxing Day sales…! And in this city, everything is a long way away from the AFL…)

So without further ado, here are the best, worst, and best and worst things about having to miss the Australian Open! The last one will make sense when you get there.

The best things to miss

Grunting – I can’t tell you how much this bothers me, nor can I adequately explain why this is! Let’s just say I was thrilled beyond belief when I saw this week that there was an article addressing this phenomenon and that some fans had taken to mimicking the overt grunters.

Monica Seles, you started this. I hope you're satisfied.

I’m happy for anyone to try any-thing to shut them up. It’s unnecessary, borderline cheating (some players do it deliberately to drown out the sound of the ball hitting their racquet and therefore hide their slice, topspin etc) and is annoying as hell.

Plus, it’s easily resolved. Dock a player a point for excess grunting, squealing or wailing and watch it disappear immediately! Read the rest of this entry