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Great Scott!

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Adam Scott Masters win

So, I’m at my Christian Teachers work conference yesterday morning. There’s worship going on, there’s great musos, there’s a genuine buzz in the auditorium … and I’m following the end of the golf – the Masters at Augusta – on my iPhone!

Yep, there are just some things which transcend the normal day to day of work and life, and an Aussie doing something significant on the world stage is about as big as it gets.

There are a number of great Australian sporting moments that the average fan will be able to reel of.

What are yours?

The mighty Windies

For mine, there’s highs and lows. I remember as a kid being devastated by countless losses in cricket against the mighty West Indies. Read the rest of this entry


Guest columnist – Summer sport – get into it!

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Blogger’s note – It’s been too long since we’ve had a voice other than mine protruding from these pages. Enter guest columnist extraordinaire Craig O’Donoghue – footy journalist, footy umpire, Bombers fan, cricket lover, happy bloke, Perth dweller, Victorian.

Enjoy his post, and your forthcoming summer of sport. But of course, don’t forget the AFL!


Not Craig!

I spent the weekend in the garden. Yes, I just uttered those words. I had to check because it’s pretty much unheard of.

But some plants which died last summer needed replacing and I had to dig out the weeds which had become infested throughout winter. There was no way I’d do it during the footy season.

Funnily enough, there wasn’t a moment where I felt compelled to check a sporting score. A quick social media check showed me that I wasn’t the only one doing something random.

Just three of my Facebook friends mentioned sporting events that occurred on the weekend. During the AFL season, there’d be three updates from some people during the course of one game!

There was plenty of sport on throughout the weekend. A major golf tournament was on in Perth, the Ryobi Cup cricket, the Champions League T20 matches, A-League soccer, NBL, the Caulfield Cup, V8 Supercars, rugby union and netball.

I’ve had one eye on the Major League Baseball and EPL, while the NBA isn’t far away.

Where’s the passion?!

But the passion and intensity of the footy season is missing. There’s plenty of sport to watch, but there isn’t sport I must watch. Read the rest of this entry

The Olympics are over … now what?!

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The Olympic Games have come to a close. As much as it pains many Aussies, we’ve been pretty good about giving appropriate kudos to the Poms on their running of things. The chances of us saying the same thing about Qatar after the 2022 World Cup are about 386 kajillion to one.

But what have we learnt over the last two weeks about ourselves and about the athletes involved? A lot! So, with school term in full swing, let’s look at some of the significant lessons from London 2012.

You beauty, unknown Aussie legends! (And thanks for putting your names on your boat…)

Aussies rock at sailing!

Going into these Olympics, sailing would have been right up there with synchronised swimming and the 50km walk for marquee events that would (not) garner the public’s attention.

But 3 golds later? We love our sailors! We even gave our flag at the closing ceremony to dual gold medallist Malcolm Page. And yes, I had to Google his name and how many golds he has won. I will gladly buy you lunch if you remember his name when, in 4 years’ time, you’re watching the closing ceremony and thinking ‘Who the hell carried this thing at London?!’

Blue skies, warm temperatures, un-real…

The Chinese aren’t the only ones who can fix the weather

Remember Beijing 2008 and how the Chinese launched thousands of specially designed rockets and artillery shells into the sky in an attempt to manipulate weather conditions? It worked. And no, I’m not making this up. (They used silver iodide, which … ahhh google it yourself.)

Well, the Brits have a secret weapon, technically termed Pommy-arse luck. Read the rest of this entry

‘Tomorrow’ – what lies ahead in 16 days’ time

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Last night, Mrs YWS and I finished the entire 7 seasons of the best drama ever made, The West Wing … for the 5th time! With our due date for our first bubba a mere 8 days away, the latest from The Voice and Master Chef were cast aside, well, recorded to the hard drive, as we churned out the final two episodes.

I’m not sure how many times you can watch a show without it completely losing its impact. With the depth and complexity inherent in so many of the characters thanks to genius screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, you can watch it through the lens of different characters each time you go through all 7 series. But eventually, it’s going to lose its effect. I think we’re about there.

In the final moment of the show, Martin Sheen’s character President Bartlet is asked what he’s thinking about as he flies home to begin a new life. ‘Tomorrow’ was his answer. Roll the credits.

Although I had seen it before (4 times!), it seemed an underwhelming final moment. That was the best they could come up with!? Not even a ‘What’s next?’ – Bartlet’s go-to line?? Why they couldn’t get ousted writer Sorkin back for $1m an episode for the last couple of chapters is beyond me. They had him on screen in the closing moments! Why not get him to pump out the finales? Alas, I digress…

My tomorrow

The closure did get me thinking about my own re-entry to the world of sport in 16 days’ time.

  • What will it look like? Full immersion or a soft re-entry? How much is too much?
  • Will the blog continue?
  • Should I watch a whole lot of events that I’ve missed?
  • What about online – reading articles and game recaps?
  • Are there ground rules that could be helpful to navigate the early stages so that a year’s worth of good work isn’t instantly undone??

So yeah, there are a couple of factors to weigh up on my flight home from DC to New Hampshire. Read the rest of this entry

107 days to go – A simple question…

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Firstly, an update on how the ‘I’m trying to avoid Super Bowl results for as long as possible’ quest is going!

It’s funny what has happened since I hit ‘Publish’ on the last post – the running diary on missing the Super Bowl. I almost immediately came ‘acropper’ (Is that a real word? Two words?! Who can tell…) in trying not to find out anything.

When looking for images to include in that post, even after wisely deciding not to search for images under ‘Super Bowl’ or ‘Patriots’, hence the rather bland images used in the last post … no offence, Jarrad McVeigh, I was almost caught out.

Clicking on one of the sites on my ‘Favourites’ bar in Chrome, I accidentally hit the ‘Grantland’ site (site not linked here in case of similar mistake) and had to quickly turn my head while trying to shut down the tab. Try it, it’s not easy!

I then headed to our staff room, where 352 newspapers* were lying about (* approximate numbers) which I’m sure contained numerous little images or headlines telling me the scores. Keeping my head down and therefore seeming somewhat non-communicado seemed the best way to travel.

The true and unexpected test came last night when I bumped into a great group of secondary school students who I get along with. One, with no idea of this journey, smiled and said, ‘Did you see the Super Bowl?’ which was hastily followed by me throwing out several disclaimers, even while others joined in with phrases such as, ‘What? You’ve avoided any news so far!?’

And then there’s the comment from my good, soon to be ex-mate Craig on this very blog, whose cryptic remark regarding ‘coaches’ and ‘even breaks’ has had me pushing thoughts about the game out of my head to varying levels of success. Buddy, you’re not helping!


A simple question

I had a friend pose me a question the other day – ‘What are you looking forward to watching when May 24 ticks around?’ I initially responded with, ‘Oh heaps, there’s a list!’

And then I started to go through it. Read the rest of this entry

The best, worst, and best & worst things about missing the Australian Open!

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It pains me to move on from any Super Bowl references, especially in the light of 2 facts – 1) The enormous response to Tuesday’s piece on my Pats making the Super Bowl, and 2) I have a link to share featuring the all-time great Super Bowl ads!

I’ll save the link for a week or so and move on, but not before acknowledging Michael Clarke’s 210 and Ricky Ponting’s 221. Just a superb effort and series from those 2 stars, although this is reinforcing Craig’s position in his piece about the haggard state of India’s bowling attack!

Clarke and Ponting after yesterday's double centuries. Kudos, boys...

Regardless, Happy Australia Day!

To the tennis!

It only occurred to me recently that I hadn’t blogged once about the tennis at this year’s Australian Open. I’m sure this isn’t life shattering news to either the reader or myself, but the tennis is actually a hugely enjoyable part of the Australian summer.

Rod Laver Arena, home of the Australian Open

It’s to the point where I’m actually not sure what captures the public’s imagination more – this event or the cricket. (Although to be honest, they’re both probably superseded by the Boxing Day sales…! And in this city, everything is a long way away from the AFL…)

So without further ado, here are the best, worst, and best and worst things about having to miss the Australian Open! The last one will make sense when you get there.

The best things to miss

Grunting – I can’t tell you how much this bothers me, nor can I adequately explain why this is! Let’s just say I was thrilled beyond belief when I saw this week that there was an article addressing this phenomenon and that some fans had taken to mimicking the overt grunters.

Monica Seles, you started this. I hope you're satisfied.

I’m happy for anyone to try any-thing to shut them up. It’s unnecessary, borderline cheating (some players do it deliberately to drown out the sound of the ball hitting their racquet and therefore hide their slice, topspin etc) and is annoying as hell.

Plus, it’s easily resolved. Dock a player a point for excess grunting, squealing or wailing and watch it disappear immediately! Read the rest of this entry

6 month anniversary!

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What was meant to be a celebration turned in something more sinister in the last 24 hours. Going without sport was supposed to protect me from injury.

Let’s just say that a fair bit of time and effort went into typing the second half of this piece!


It was 6 months ago yesterday that I was coming back from another wasted weekend away. Multiple footy games had been consumed and a big NBA playoff game loomed.

And then everything ground to a halt.

‘Enough of this. I’m going cold turkey.’

I’d tried moderation in limiting my sporting viewing and had achieved some success. But not enough. It was clearly still a crutch on which I leaned too heavily.

And so, drastic measures needed to be taken.


If I had known then what I know now, I am not sure I would have gone through with the plan to take 12 months off sports viewing, including newspaper and online articles.

I honestly thought it wouldn’t be that hard! Read the rest of this entry