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Great Scott!

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Adam Scott Masters win

So, I’m at my Christian Teachers work conference yesterday morning. There’s worship going on, there’s great musos, there’s a genuine buzz in the auditorium … and I’m following the end of the golf – the Masters at Augusta – on my iPhone!

Yep, there are just some things which transcend the normal day to day of work and life, and an Aussie doing something significant on the world stage is about as big as it gets.

There are a number of great Australian sporting moments that the average fan will be able to reel of.

What are yours?

The mighty Windies

For mine, there’s highs and lows. I remember as a kid being devastated by countless losses in cricket against the mighty West Indies. Read the rest of this entry


Running with The Heard

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Heard article pic

It’s funny what a break can do for the soul, and how much can happen in seemingly such a ‘short’ period’ of time.

Believe you me, six weeks in the lifespan of this ‘year without sport’ is not a lot, considering the journey began over 20 months ago, but much has happened since I signed off 2012. (Ok ok, it was Craig O’Donoghue who wrote the final piece for the year…!)

Between Team Evans getting bikes, Australian Open tennis, 20/20 epics, NBA hoopla, cricket Test domination, tennis victories – for me personally, not Aussies at the Open or any of our favs for that matter, NFL disappointment, me using up all out internet usage on sport, Serena losing and taking it like a champ, A-League games of genius from the Melbourne Victory, Tomic doing his part to win back part of the Australian sporting public before – naturally – throwing it all back in our faces while hooning, one day 50 over internationals that no one wants to go to, seeing the GOAT of tennis (Greatest Of All Time) – Roger Federer in person and up close – for free!, Super Bowl blackouts, Warnie at the cricket, Warnie at the tennis, Liz at the tennis!, was Liz at the cricket?!, the list goes on and on. And on.

Um, lights, someone??

Um, lights, someone??

Needless to say, there’s a lot to write about, and the topics won’t dull down for quite some time.

Which is fortunate, as it seems right to end this blog when the one year anniversary of my return to sport occurs on May 24 of this year. Read the rest of this entry

Just. Let. Go.

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Cricket - Warne and Clarke

If you had told me two to three months ago that I was going to write three consecutive pieces on cricket, and four of the last five, I would have first asked you who the hell Australia were playing that summer, and then told you that you were a little bit Metta World Peace … err … Ron Artest … um, crazy.

Yet, on my busy Friday, as I grabbed my newspaper from the staffroom only for the purposes of throwing it into the recycling bin (yes, I’m that busy), there on the back page was an image of a defiant Australian cricket captain, Michael Clarke, with the headline, ‘I want Warne’.

Now, before those ‘in the know’ hit me with facts regarding who actually writes the headlines and whether or not Clarke even alluded to that, let alone said it, I’m just going to assume he was talking about something like his favourite colour and our bastion of bad journalism simply sensationalised it. It’s the Herald Sun, peoples.

The name doesn't mean he still won't throw elbows...

The name doesn’t mean he still won’t throw elbows…

But make no mistake, that there is a strong sentiment in sporting circles that Warne could help us win the Ashes and return to the top of the cricket rankings if he was reinserted into the team, at the expense of … well, at the expense of no one, really. Sorry, Nathan Lyon, you’re in a no-win situation so long as the greatest ever is up and about. Read the rest of this entry

The making of a legend

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More runs, more wins, more double centuries… Same tattoos…

It’s ironic that on the exact same day that I had always planned to draft this piece about our Australian cricket captain and the responsibilities of leadership that have seemingly catapulted him into the highest echelon of batsman, this article came out.

If you can’t be bothered clicking on it, it’s an apology from the editors of The Age. Their compulsion for such an act? For ever calling into question Clarke’s ‘previous lifestyle’ and the choices he made in regards to girlfriends, clothes and advertisements.

As you may know, I have been ‘on’ the Clarke haters for some time now. I could never understand the vitriol directed his way. In a poll two years ago, over 70% of 5,000 people indicated that they wanted someone else as captain.


Was it the tatts? Surely not. Buddy Franklin has those and he’s pretty much noted as the most explosive, talented player the game has seen for some time.

Ok, admittedly this ad did him no favours!

Was it the pretty boy looks and the multiple endorsements? Name a well-known cricketer not spruiking some product or another. And enough with the Swisse vitamins already – they don’t do you any good!

Ummm, well was it because he had a supermodel girlfriend and once bought her a car?? The fact that he likes expensive watches? Because he’s lithe and not built like David Boon?!

Or was it that he just doesn’t fit our pigeon-holed ideals as to what a cricket captain should be? Read the rest of this entry

It’s cricket season!

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Our captain (try not to notice the empty seats...)

I will miss out on the entire cricket season.

Logging onto The Age today, I saw an updated cricket score. I assume they’re playing the First Test in South Africa today [I just looked that one up to be sure]. With all my recent football, basketball and soccer focus, I came to realise this morning that I will not see a single ball bowled of the cricket this summer.

Now, many of you may not think twice about this … ‘Cricket’s so boring, why would you bother??’ And no, it’s probably not there in my 5 favourite sports, but there’s something inherently Australian, summery and intoxicating about the game.

So, without further ado, let’s weigh up the checks and balances and see if missing out is something to be celebrated or lamented.

The worst things about missing an entire summer of cricket

Boxing day – There’s something compelling about the Boxing Day Test. It is the biggest day of cricket for the entire Summer. A packed MCG,  thousands of people thrilled not to be amongst the hordes searching out Boxing Day ‘specials’, and a guaranteed big-game feel, regardless of the teams playing. And if Australia is competitive over in South Africa, wait for the buzz come December 26…

You also know that no matter how chaotic or frustrating your Christmas day is, there’s always going to be cricket on the next day. That is, of course, unless it rains, which can happen … Let’s move on.

Michael Clarke – Ok you haters, back off. Read the rest of this entry